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Birthday Parties

Dance birthday parties are available for age 4 and up. Your child and friends will have a dancing good time!! We provide one hour of dance activities, which may include a mini routine and/or games. You then have one half hour for cake and presents. Parents are welcome to watch, take photos, videotape or even participate!! Contact the office for more information!

Birthday Child & 10 Friends for 1.5 Hour Party -- $180

More than 10 Friends  -- $15 Each Participant

Summer Programs

We have summer programs designed for everyone! Whether your child has never taken a dance class, is simply looking for a fun summer activity, or wants to polish their technique, we've got a program for you.  

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available for students who need extra help or wish to have more concentrated studies. Students wishing to further their level of dance in a certain subject may benefit greatly from private lessons. If you are interested in private lessons, please contact the studio for more information!

Adult Classes

Throughout the year, we try to bring new and fun dance and fitness classes for adults! Whether you have danced since you were little or just want to try it out now, we have classes for you!  Stay informed with new adult classes being offered by liking us on Facebook and Instagram.

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