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Whether you enjoy the gracefulness of ballet or the funk of hip hop, we have a class for you.

Kids Dance Classes, Child Dance
Tiny Stars
Ages 2-3

This is not your traditional dance program, but it is an exceptional one. During these classes, students will engage in many activities involving creative base movement, dance fundamentals, gross and fine motor skills and rhythms while improving their teamwork and individuality.  

Tap and Ballet, Dancers
Tap & Ballet Combo
Ages 3-7

This is a class where students get the benefit of both tap and ballet. We suggest all young beginner students start with this. Our focus is to teach and strengthen the basic movements of dance. For our littlest dancers, this class is fun, fun, fun! For the older dancers, we concentrate more on advanced dance steps to prepare them for future classes.

Ballet Dance
Ages 7 and up

Our ballet program encourages grace and agility. Class starts with barre exercises and progresses through a warm-up, centre floor work, across the floor technique and combinations/routines that encourage the proper use of the body. Students in these classes have a dress code and hair requirements: black leotard, pink tights and all hair off the face in a secure bun. Pointe is offered for students with significant ballet training after the age of 12. This is an extension of a ballet class and must be taken in addition to a ballet class.

Tap Dance
Ages 7 and up

Our tap program consists of rhythm, timing, sound progressions and performance technique. Each class begins with a warm-up, strengthening the legs and ankles for faster tapping and to insure injury prevention. Progressions are done across the floor and in the center to up tempo music.

Jazz Dance
Ages 5 and up
Contemporary Dance, Lyrical
Ages 8 and up

There's a whole lot of shakin' going on here!! Our jazz classes begin with a warm-up to increase flexibility, strength and help with injury prevention. We move to across-the-floor progressions that include classical jazz technique, modern movements and funky fun moves from the latest movies, music videos and television shows. We pride ourselves on being age appropriate while giving the youngest dancers an upbeat style and the latest moves they crave.

Contemporary is a unique blend of fluid and strong movements, emotions, styles and music. This class incorporates many elements of jazz, ballet, lyrical and modern dance styles. Dancers are challenged with movement that stretches the body and imagination. This style is most appropriate for dancers with some prior dance experience.

Hip Hop Dance, Hip Hop Dancers
Hip Hop 
Ages 5 & up

Hip hop provides dancers with the latest fun, poppin' and lockin' moves! It is an urban style of dance that requires free movement of the body. The younger dancers are given age appropriate moves that encourage self expression, confidence and coordination. The older are given more complex and detailed movements. These classes use current, yet age appropriate, hip hop and R&B music.

Adult Classes

Throughout the year we offer adult class sessions!  Whether you have danced all your life, or just always wanted to try dance, this will be perfect for you!  To stay up to date with dance sessions at RNS, follow us on our Facebook page!

Ages 5 and up

We can't wait to start you flipping in our fun filled acro class! Acro is similar to gymnastics doing floor work only. Some skills learned include cartwheels, handstands, walkovers and handsprings along with flexibility and contortion moves. Students are carefully monitored by our staff to ensure their safety.

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